Rotor blade coatings

Specialist cleaners for electrical equipment & cabling

AquafortePexa are Distributors for the SocomorePT range of saturated wipes that have been specifically designed to produce clean surfaces for electrical equipment, cable joints and composites.

The major benefits are:

  • High flash – classified as combustible not flammable
  • No flash fires
  • No spillage
  • No pollution
  • No eye splashes
  • No storage or logistic issues associated with flammables
  • Reduces solvent usage  (to zero if the AquaForte version is used)
  • Reduced worker exposure
  • No halogens, teratogens, suspected carcinogens or mutagens
  • No earth tracking – residue free
  • Lint free

The product is supplied in lidded buckets containing the wipes which keeps them in good condition and enables them to be used by rope access operatives as well as electrical contractors. All contaminants are removed by the wipes which makes subsequent disposal easy and safe.

The products have extensive approvals from companies such as:

  • ABB
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Electricity Northwest
  • ESB
  • GE
  • Prysmian
  • Scottish Power
  • SSE
  • EDF
  • Tyco


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