Rotor blade coatings

Coatings Application

Coatings Application

Coatings are applied at different stages of the wind turbine blade production and installation process:

1) In the factory as an original protective coatings system.

2) On site immediately before installation to ensure that a complete and continuous coating system is present before operation commences. Some industry estimates indicate that up to 60% of blades are damaged in some way before reaching the installation site.

3) During planned maintenance downtime.

4) During unplanned maintenance in response to problems which become evident during operation.

Optimal Repair and maintenance intervals

It is extremely important to avoid unplanned maintenance. Wind turbines must operate at maximum utilisation in order to produce energy efficiently. The ideal times to check and maintain the coatings system are:

  • Immediately before installation on site, to make sure that a continuous coating system is in place with no damage which will propagate during operation.
  • During end of warranty checks which may necessitate a variety of repair and maintenance operations before the end of the OEM warranty.
  • During planned service downtime when the blades are stopped.

Pexa’s unrivalled service means that coatings are delivered to site to exactly coincide with the planned coating operation. This maximises the availability of access equipment and ensures contractors can work immediately and in the shortest possible time frame.

Unplanned maintenance and repair may be necessary from time to time in response to in-service damage. Our system means that products are readily and quickly available to respond to these events and the RELEST® Wind RepKit is designed to cure in the fastest possible time to allow a rapid return to service.