Rotor blade coatings

Wind Turbine Blade Coatings from BASF & Pexa

RELESTBASF is a global player in the supply of coatings for wind turbine manufacture & maintenance. The RELEST® Wind coatings system is applied by leading wind turbine manufacturers around the world. BASF has more than 10 years experience in the application of coatings to wind energy rotor blades.

Pexa is the authorised UK distributor for the class leading BASF RELEST® Wind RepKit.

Pexa appoints, trains and certifies approved contractors who are able to prepare and apply the BASF RELEST® Wind RepKit system at any of the key coatings application stages; including whilst the blade is still installed and operational on its tower.

The BASF RELEST® Wind RepKit allows a full in-situ repair of surface damage and restoration of the factory finish including, fillers, gel-coat and topcoats.

The repair is a complete protective system and can be applied to a factory standard.

The video below covers wind & weather protection of wind turbine blades:

The applicator uses our 10 step process to accomplish the following key outcomes:

  • Investigation and evaluation of damage and faults
  • Material selection
  • Surface preparation, cleaning, sanding and abrasion
  • Coating system application and recording
  • Finishing, equalising and polishing to achieve an invisible smooth result


BASF is the only coatings manufacturer to operate its own whirling arm test equipment to measure rain erosion on fast rotating leading edges up to 500km/h. This means all products are thoroughly evaluated before introduction and provide many times more in service life than standard coatings. BASF also tests all its coatings for UV resistance, flexibility and other important characteristics.